What is PCI DSS Compliance

The PCI DSS otherwise called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been formulated by the five major credit card companies VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and JCB to mitigate risks involved through online purchases and transactions and prevent data loss and massive security breaches. The PCI standards are for companies that handle credit card payments - accepts, processes and stores credit card payments and data. The companies are ought to handle the credit card data securely with a hosting provider that is PCI compliant. PCI scan is a solution to help companies of all size to adhere to PCI DSS requirements.

PCI Compliance


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HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Scanning

PCI Scanning enables merchants to validate PCI Compliance quarterly on up to five servers using the full complement of HackerGuardian plug-ins (over 30,000 individual vulnerability tests with more added daily). The HackerGuardian Additional IP Address Pack allows HackerGuardian to grow with your external and internal PCI scanning needs.

Benefits of PCI Scan Compliance

(Only P.A.O a year for PCI scanning)

  • Gain PCI scan compliant with vulnerability scanning by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor
  • Get 'Ready-to-submit' PCI Compliance reports to send to your merchant bank
  • Detailed reports identify security holes exposed by HackerGuardian's 30,000+ tests and contain actionable fix recommendations
  • PCI 'self assessment' questionnaire available via online wizard
  • Secure web-based interface allows you to schedule up to ten PCI scans per quarter on up to five servers
  • IP Address Packs can be added to your license to allow you to scan additional external IP addresses

Why do I need PCI Scan Compliance?:

  • You are an online merchant with between one and five servers that must provide proof of PCI Scan Compliance to their merchant bank
  • Purchase an Additional IP Address Pack and run scans over an additional number of IP addresses
  • You need comprehensive post scan reporting alongside precise, actionable threat mitigation advice
  • You need automatically generated, 'ready-to-go' PCI Scan Compliance reports for multiple servers and server types that can be immediately submitted to an acquiring bank
  • You would benefit from the versatility and convenience of running up to ten fully featured on-demand scans per quarter to achieve PCI Scan Compliance

Why HackerGuardian for your PCI scan compliance?:

  • Gain competitive advantage by reassuring customers that you are authorized to accept credit cards by placing a high visibility trust indicator on your website
Credit Cards

Simply placing a mouse cursor over the card logos produces a bright green border around the browser window, giving website visitors instant verification that a merchant can legitimately accept card payments.