What is the Self Assessment Questionnaire?

The PCI Data Security Standard Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a validation tool intended to assist merchants and service providers who are permitted by the payment brands to self-evaluate their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Sectigo has simplified this often confusing process with the launch of the HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Wizard. The intuitive web-based application guides merchants through every step of the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire. Each question is accompanied by expert advice to help the merchant interpret and appropriately answer each question. At the end of the wizard you will find out immediately whether or not your answers qualify your organization as PCI compliant.

The wizard will provide:

  • A Questionnaire Summary - Listing security control areas on which you failed compliance
  • A custom 'Remediation Plan' for your company containing:
    • A comprehensive list of remedial actions that you need to take to attain full PCI compliance
    • A remediation planning tool enabling task prioritization and project management
    • Links to recommended products and services that will help you cost-effectively resolve
      non-compliant areas
  • A 'ready-to-submit' PCI DSS Self Assessment Questionnaire

Your progress is automatically saved after each question - allowing you to log out and return at a later date to complete the questionnaire. Your free account and responses are retained, giving you an opportunity to revise and modify any of your answers. This also allows you to update, schedule and track the progress of outstanding remediation tasks.

Click the SAQ tab in the HackerGuardian navigation bar to begin the wizard.