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How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on AEP Netilla 5

Setting up your SSL on a AEP Netilla device should be fairly straightforward through the Netilla Admin panel.

  1. Open your Netilla Admin panel and go to System Configuration, General, SSL, and then choose to "Request New Certificate."
  2. You will be presented with a form to enter your company's information which will be submitted to us as part of your certificate request.

    Most of the requested information should be straightforward, but remember that your country should be your 2-digit country code, not the entire country name. Your common name is the fully-qualified domain name your certificate will be issued to, or * for wildcard certificate requests.

  3. You will now have an encoded text file. This is your CSR, or certificate signing request. You will copy and paste the entire body of this file into the form provided by us for requesting your certificate.

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