HackerGuardian vs The Competitors

Point for point, the competition just doesn't stack up against HackerGuardian. With a price differential exceeding 50% (we're the better value of course), Comodo will deliver unmatched, verifiable proof of hacker free security to your site, HackerGuardian can't be beat and here's why:

  HackerGuardian Other Leading Brand
PCI Scan Compliancy $249.99 $319.00
Authorized to take card payments site seal Yes - Credit Card logo. Not offered.
Copy Protected site seal Yes - The Credit Card logo protects with Content Verification Certificate (CVC) technology which binds the logo to a specific IP or domain name. Users can instantly verify their authenticity by placing their mouse cursor over the graphic. No - Our vulnerability scanning competitor's site seals do not include protection mechanisms, i.e. they could be copied and placed on any site.
PCI Scan Compliance for free Free 90-day scanning Not offered
Active Trust Feedback Lets users decide on which position the Credit Card logo appears for maximum return on investment. Not offered