At the end of each scan, SiteInspector produces a vulnerability report for each network device/domain scanned . The status for each device is set as Safe or Malicious based on the discovery of malicious content in the webpages. The report enables the website owner/administrator to exactly find the location of the malicious content and to take the corrective measures.

The Scan Reports produced from the SiteInspector scans can be assessed from the 'Reports' area of the HackerGuardian interface, displayed by clicking the 'Reports' tab from the Navigation bar. From this interface, you can:

View Scan Reports

Clicking the 'Scans' link in the Reports area opens the list of the scan reports produced by HackerGuardian, HackerProof and SiteInspector at the end of each scan.

View Scan Report Interface

Filtering Options

The administrator can filter the reports listed, based on the scan type, status or even the reports pertaining to a specific IP or domain. The table below describes the filtering options available in this interface.

Filter Description
View Enables to filter the reports based on the scan type. E.g. to view only the SiteInspector scan reports, select 'SiteInspector Reports' from the drop-down menu.
Filter by Status Enables to filter the reports based on success or failure of the scan results.
Search by Address/Domains Enables to filter the reports pertaining to specific IP or Domain. The administrator can enter the IP address or the Domain name and the reports only for those will be listed.

Vulnerability Report

A Vulnerability Report provides a detailed overview of scan results on a single Domain. It includes a prioritized list of the vulnerabilities found, expert remediation advice and thousands of cross-referenced online advisories.

To view a Vulnerability Report of a Domain, select SiteInspector Report from the View drop-down, click the '+' beside the respective device and then click the 'Vulnerability Report' button in the row of the respective IP/Domain.

Vulnerability Scanning  Report

The Vulnerability Report consists of a summary of the scan details and a list of IPs/domains scanned with their status.

Tip - The vulnerability reports can be converted into pdf format by clicking the link 'Print in PDF' from the Additional Actions area as shown below.

Additional Actions

Scan Summary

The scan summary contains the following details:

  • Start Time - The date and time at which the scan was started.
  • End Time - The date and time at which the scan was completed.
  • Duration - The total time taken for the scan.
  • The number of IPs/Domains found in the selected network device.

Following the scan summary, the list of IPs/domains scanned and their status are displayed as a table. The following table provides description of information columns in this area.

Column Description
Host The IP/Domain or the webpage scanned.
Description Description on whether the target has passed or failed the scan.
Comment Comment on the malicious found (if any).
Status Status of the IP/Domain, it can be 'Safe' or 'Malicious'.
Scan History

A graphical representation of the comparison of the malicious content found in the domains of the device during the last five scans is displayed. This gives the trend of the reduction in the malicious content due to the corrective actions taken by the website owner/administrator.

Downloading PCI Reports Pack

Administrators can download the PCI reports as a zip file by clicking the 'Generate Report Pack' button in the Reports > Scans interface.

Generate PCI Report Pack

The report packs available via the 'Generate Report Pack' button are for PCI devices and do not contain SiteInspector scan reports.