Comodo HackerGuarian features a highly customizable scheduler that lets you timetable scans to run at a time that suits your preference. HackerGuardian automatically commences the selected type of scan on the selected devices/IPs/Domains.

You can choose to run scans at a certain time on a daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom interval basis. HackerGuardian gives you the power to choose, allowing you to get on with more important matters with complete peace of mind.

HackerGuardian vulnerability scans can be scheduled to run:

  • At a specific date and time;
  • On a recurring basis at daily, weekly, monthly or user specified intervals.

To access the Scheduled Scan management interface, click on the 'Schedule' tab in the Navigation bar.

HackerGuardian Schedule Scan

The 'Scheduled Scans' area displays the list of existing schedules. The following table provides description of information columns in this area.

Column Description
Device Displays the name of the device upon which the scan is scheduled.
IP Addresses Displays all the associated domains (e.g. or IP addresses that administrator specified for the device. Click the '+' button beside 'Open/Close...' to view the list of IPs and the Domains.
Scanning Schedule Displays a summary of the scan schedule including details on recurrence period, start time etc.
Scan Type Displays the selected scan type.
Action Enables the Administrator to remove the schedule.

Adding a New Scan Schedule

  • Click 'Add New Schedule+'. The schedule options will be displayed.
  • Select the type of scan to be run as per the schedule from the 'Select scan type' drop-down box.

    Select Scan Type
  • Select the device from the 'Select Device(s)' drop-down box.

    Select Devices
  • Select the IPs/Domain pertaining to the selected device from Select IP(s) box. If you wish to scan all the IPs/Domains, select 'All'.

    Select IP Addresses/Domains
  • Select the start date for the scan schedule by clicking the calendar icon beside 'Set Start Date' text box.

    Set Start Date
  • Select the recurrence period.

    Set Recurrence Period

    • Weekly - The scan will be performed once in a week on the specified day and time.
    • Monthly - The scan will be performed once in a month on the specified date and time.
    • Quarterly - The scan will be performed once in three months on the specified date and time.
    • Every N days - Scan will be performed once for every n days from the start date. For example, if you specified 2 then the scan will be performed on alternate days.
  • Select the start time from the 'Set Start Time' drop-down combo box. The scan will be started on the set time at the scheduled dates according to your time zone set in the 'My Account' area.

    Set Start Time
  • Click Save to to apply your schedule.

Repeat the process for adding more schedules for running scans on other devices/IPs/Domains as per your convenience.

The scans will run on the selected device on date(s), time(s) and interval that you specified.

Notes about Scan types and Devices

  • PCI Scans cannot be scheduled to run on 'Internal Devices' (devices inside your LAN devices have no external IP addresses). To scan an Internal device, you must use 'Custom Scan'
  • 'Site Inspector' scans can only be scheduled for devices that contain a domain.
  • Selecting 'PCI Scan' will launch a vulnerability scan according to PCI scanning guidelines. PCI Scan are 'predetermined' by the PCI DSS and are not user configurable. Full reports are available in the 'Reports' area.
  • The composition of a 'Custom Scan' is defined by the administrator in My Account > Custom Settings area.