The streamlined web-based main management interface provides easy access to all the functions of HackerGuardian. The navigation bar at the top has tabs to access different functional areas to add new devices, initiate scans, view reports, schedule scans, modify your account and scan settings etc. in simple steps. The account status displayed in the right pane informs your remaining scans, remaining IPs/Domains that you deserve and also enables you to purchase the service for more IP's and Domains.

HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Scanning Features Overview

Navigation Bar

Overview Area

The 'Overview' area displays the status of the HackerProof and PCI Scan and a dashboard summary of the scan reports from last performed scan on the device selected from the 'Device List' area.

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Device List Area

The Device List area displays a list of devices added to HackerGuardian and provides an at-a-glance summary of the status of each device. This area also allows the administrators to create a new device, edit a device, add IP's to a device and open device reports.

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Account Status Information Area

The Account Status Information Area displays the number of scans and IPs/Domains that remain on the license. It also allows the administrator to purchase additional IPs.

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