Viewing Reports

You can request the PCI Control Center to automatically generate Visa, Mastercard and Discover reports according to a schedule of your choice. Reports can be downloaded from the interface in .xls format. Reports generated using the 'Export current list' feature in 'Compliance Status' are made available here as 'Custom' reports and can be downloaded in .csv format.

To open the 'Generated Reports' interface, click 'Reports' under 'Merchants' from the left.

Generate Reports

The interface displays all reports generated so far and allows you to generate new reports for payment brands such as Master Card, Visa and Discover card. The 'Reports Schedule' button allows you to have reports automatically generated on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Generated Reports – Table of Column Descriptions
Column Header Description
ID The unique report ID number
Created On The report generation date.
Report Type The Payment Brand (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) for which the report was generated. 'Custom' report type indicates the report was generated by exporting the merchant list from the 'Merchants Compliance Status' screen.
Download Link to download the report
Schedule Indicates whether it is a scheduled report or on demand one time report
Remove Allows you to delete a report from the list

To generate a report

  • Click the 'Generate Report' button at the top of the screen

    Generate New Reports

  • Select the payment brand for which you want to generate a report from the 'Report Type' drop-down
  • Report Type

  • Click the 'Save' button

    The report will be generated and a confirmation message will appear:

    Report Generated

  • Click 'OK'

To schedule report generation

  • Click the 'Reports Schedule' button at the top of the screen

    Schedule Generate New Reports

  • Select the payment brands for which you want to generate reports and the intervals at which they should be generated
  • Click the 'Save' button

A confirmation message will be displayed.

Schedule Changed

  • Click 'OK'

To download a report

  • Click 'Download Report' link in the row of the required report

If the report is for a payment brand then it will be in .xls format. 'Custom' reports generated from the 'Merchants Compliance Status' screen are in .csv format.

To delete a report

  • Click the 'X' button beside the report you want to delete. A confirmation message will be displayed:

    Delete Report

  • Click 'OK'