The 'Compliance Status' area provides a comprehensive breakdown of the activity and compliance status of your merchants.

To view this area, click 'Compliance Status' under 'Merchants' on the left hand menu:

Merchants Compliance Status Screen

The drop-down menus along the top allow you to filter results according to merchant level, SAQ status, scan status, compliance status and by date. Please see the following table if you need more help with these:

Merchants Compliance Status – Table of Column Descriptions
Column Header Description
ID The subscription identification number of the merchant.
Name Name of the merchant.
Status The subscription status of the merchant.
Level The merchant's PCI 'Level'. Merchant levels are determined by transactional volume and any historical risk. More information can be found at
Level 1 – Any merchant processing over 6M Visa transactions per year and any merchant that Visa determines should meet Level 1 requirements
Level 2 – Any merchant processing between 2M to 6M Visa transactions per year
Level 3 – Any merchant processing between 20,000 to 1M Visa transactions per year
Level 4 – Any merchant processing fewer than 20,000 Visa transactions per year
Any merchant that has suffered a hack that resulted in data compromise may be escalated to higher levels.
SAQ Received The date at which the last PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) was submitted by the merchant.
SAQ Type Indicates the type of SAQ applicable for the merchant.
SAQ Status Indicates the type of SAQ license status of the merchants. The acquirers can send reminders to merchants whose SAQ status is 'not initiated' or to re-validate their SAQ whose status is 'Non-Compliant'. You can download the completed SAQ document by clicking the 'Non-Compliant' and 'Compliant' links.
Scan Status Indicates the result of last vulnerability scan run on the merchant's website. You can download the 'Merchant Report Pack' by clicking the 'Non-Compliant' and 'compliant' links.
Scan Date The date at which the last vulnerability scan was run.
Compliance Status Indicates the PCI compliance status of the merchant.
Next Compliance Validation Date The expiry date of the current PCI compliance validation.

Searching and Filtering Options:

You can search for specific merchant from the list by entering the name of the merchant in part or full in the search text box at the top right and clicking the magnifier icon.

Search for Specific Merchants

  • Select your filters by clicking a drop down and filling the required check-boxes. Items matching the filter(s) will be displayed in the table.
  • Clear the filters to view the full list again.

You can search for specific merchants by entering a full or partial name in the search box at the top right:

Search for Specific Merchants

To export the current merchants list

  • Click the 'Export current list' button at the bottom of the table

Export Merchants List

The list will be saved in your default download location as a CSV file. A 'Custom' report will also be added to the reports interface.