Uploading Your Merchants List

To begin monitoring, you first need to upload a list of your merchants to the acquirer interface. Comodo will then automatically create HackerGuardian licenses for these merchants and will contact them with account set up details. Your merchants should then login into their individual HackerGuardian accounts to run PCI scans, complete the SAQ and so forth. Statistics from these merchant accounts will be automatically reported to the acquirer interface.

You can import a list of merchants by completing and uploading the provided template.

Downloading the template file

The template file is in .xlsx format and is available from the 'Import Merchants' screen. To download it:

To download the template

  • Click 'Import' under 'Merchants' from the left to open the 'Import merchants' screen

    Import Merchants

  • Click 'Download Template' and save the file to your local drive

Filling out merchant details

The template file contains seven worksheets, with the first containing overall guidance for completing the sheet. Please note – of the remaining six sheets, only 'Required Merchant Info' is mandatory. The other 5 are so you can include optional details about each merchant. Completing these optional details will benefit you in the form of specific Visa/Mastercard/Discover reports as well as providing more data-points per merchant which can be tracked and reported on.

Important – You must enter 'optional' data for a merchant on the same row number as that used on 'Required Merchant Info'. For example - if you want to add 'Visa Optional Info' for the merchant who is on row 23 of the 'Required Merchant Info' sheet, you should enter it on row 23 of the 'Visa Optional Info' sheet.

Importing the list

Your completed merchant lists can be uploaded to the interface using the 'IMPORT' button. Once uploaded, there will be a short period of time while Comodo verifies the file and creates accounts for your customers. Please allow up to 2 working days for this process to be completed.

  • Click the 'BROWSE' button, navigate to the location where the file is saved and click 'Open'

    Import Merchants

  • If you have any additional information you wish to pass to Comodo about the upload, then please add a comment in field below. Comments entered here will be reviewed by Comodo support staff.
  • Click the 'IMPORT' button to begin the upload. If the import is successful you will see the following message:

    Import Merchants

  • Click 'OK'.

Comodo will create accounts for each of your merchants and they should be visible in the acquirer interface within two working days. Comodo will also send each merchants a branded email which contains login information for their HG account. After logging-in they will be prompted to complete the self-assessment questionnaire. Compliance status, scan status and SAQ results will be reported to your interface in real-time as your merchants complete various tasks.