Logging-in to the HackerGuardian PCI Control Center for Acquirer

Acquirers and PCI partners can login with their Comodo username and password at https://controlcenter.hackerguardian.com/

HackerGuardian PCI Control Center Login

After your username /password has been verified, you will be logged into the HackerGuardian PCI Control Center.

PCI Control Center console

PCI Control Center's easy-to-use interface contains real-time statistics and functionality which enable acquirers to comprehensively track their merchants' progress towards PCI compliance. Apart from the key metrics presented in the dashboard, the interface also features automatic report generation, a built-in marketing center and live chat support.

  • Main Navigation Panel – Contains links to the dashboard and merchant management screens. You can also view and update your account information. Each of the management screens are covered in more detail in the rest of this guide.
  • Getting Assistance – Click the 'Live Chat' button should you need help to upload merchants, view merchant statistics or just need general advice. A new chat window will open and you will be connected to a trained support operative from Comodo. More support options are available in the 'Support' area of the interface.
  • Logging-out of the PCI Control Center – Click the 'Logout' link displayed below your username at the top right.

PCI Control Center console