SAQ Analysis

The 'SAQ Analysis' section shows statistics about the types of SAQs taken by your merchants and how many of them are compliant versus non-compliant.

To open this screen, click 'SAQ Analysis' under 'Merchants' on the left:

SAQ Analysis – Table of Column Descriptions
Column Header Description
SAQ Type Indicates the type of SAQ taken. Full descriptions of the various types of SAQ are available on the PCI Security Standards Council website in the following document:
Total SAQs Taken The total number of SAQs that have been completed. The pie chart also tells you have many of each type have been taken.
Total compliant The total number of merchants that have completed the SAQ and demonstrated full compliance with the PCI DSS.
% of SAQs compliant The percentage of completed SAQs of a particular type that are compliant with the PCI DSS. This can help identify if certain types of SAQ are proving problematic for merchants.
% of Total SAQs Taken The percentage of completed SAQs of this type.

The 'SAQ Compliance' graph shows the type of SAQ on the X-axis and the quantity completed/compliant for each type on the Y axis.

Placing your mouse cursor on a SAQ type displays the total number of completed and compliant SAQs of that type.