If you have more than one website that you would like to protect with HackerProof Service, you should order another HackerProof license. Here are the steps you need to follow.

First, open http://www.comodo.com/hackerproof/ in your web-browser and click on 'Order HackerProof' tab.

Comodo HackerProof

This will launch ordering wizard and you will be prompted to

  • Select your term:

    Order Comodo HackerProof

    Select the needed and click on 'Submit & Continue' button.
    This moves you to step 2 of the wizard

  • Your contact information

    On the ordering form, ensure you check the radio button 'Existing Customer' and fill out your username and password. This is important as it ensures the additional Domains are added into your existing account.

    Contact Information Page

    Read the Subscriber Agreement and select the checkbox 'I agree with the terms and conditions of the Subscriber Agreements(s) and Schedule(s)'.

    Click 'Confirm & Continue to Payment'.

    HackerProof Secure Payment Page

After making the payment, order confirmation page will be displayed and the additional domains will be automatically added to your license for HackerProof daily vulnerability scanning inaccordance with SAQ.

HackerProof Order Confirmation Page

You can add the additional domains for HackerProof Scanning as explained in PCI Scan page.