The document explains how to get the HackerProof trust mark, install it on your web site and how to determine the effectiveness of using the HackerProof Trust Mark.

Getting HackerProof Trust Mark:

First step in ordering the HackerProof trust mark is to open in your web-browser and click on 'Order HackerProof' button. This will launch an order wizard, and you will be prompted to:

  • Select your term:

    Purchase Comodo HackerProof

    Make your selection, then click on 'Submit & Continue' button.
    This moves you to step 2 of the wizard

  • Your contact information

    If you are a new customer, you should fill out the New Customer Registration form (see below). If not, you just need to specify your login/password to order the service:

    Customer Type

    • As a new customer specify login and password:

      Customer Login and Password
    • Specify your company details:

      Specify Company Details

      - A post office box (often abbreviated P.O. Box or PO Box) is a uniquely-addressable lockable box located on the premises of a post office station.

    • Set your contact details:

      Subscriber Contact Details
    • Confirm you decision in the Subscriber Agreement form:

      Subscriber Agreement

      Check the box at the bottom of the form and click on 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT' button.

    • Next, you move to the order confirmation page. It contains information on how to setup your HackerProof service and configure automatic daily vulnerability scanning:

      HackerProof  Trust Mark Order Confirmation

      For more information see chapter Starting Up With HackerProof Service.


Before we can commence vulnerability scanning we need to validate your ownership of the domain.

Displaying the HackerProof trust mark tells your customers that your servers are secure and confirms your site's true identity. It is an essential business practice of Comodo to fully validate your application. For businesses, we require a copy of your articles of incorporation, business license or DUNS number. If you haven't done so already, please supply this documentation to stating your HackerGuardian order number within the email.

NOTE: a full list of acceptable documentation can be found here.

You can fax your validation documentation to the numbers below stating your order number on the pages:

US Fax for validation docs: 1 801 409-3684
Europe Fax for validation docs: +44 (0) 161 877 1767

If you are emailing validation documentation please send to stating your order number within the email.

NOTE: if your business is already listed in IdAuthority (usually because you are an existing SSL customer) then you will be validated very quickly.

Installing your HackerProof trust mark

After validation, the HackerProof Service will begin on your server. You will be notified via email upon completion of the scan and invited to log into your account to read the scan report. If your web-server successfully passes the scan, you will also receive a confirmation email with the HackerProof trust mark as an attachment alongside instructions on how to install the trust mark on your site.

Comodo HackerProof

To view status of the HackerProof service, click on the Site Check Status option. More ...

To activate the HackerProof trust mark on your website in A/B test mode, you will need to insert two (2) JavaScript snippets of code into your page(s). To do so, you should follow the steps outlined below.

HackerProof Trust Mark Activation

- Enter your Your Coverage ID. This is a unique ID identifying your company that you were assigned at the time of order placement. Please refer to your confirmation email which includes your coverage ID. If you did not retain this email, please contact Support for assistance.

- Select the HackerProof trust mark position from drop-down menu. The HackerProof trust mark can be placed in an anchor position in any of the four corners of your website or it can be placed inline. If you choose any of the corner placements, the trust mark will always be displayed even when a browser scrolls down your web page. If you choose inline, this is the position where the logo will be posted and will only be visible when a browser is visiting that section of your web pages.

Finally, click on 'Click here to show installation code' button. This will display step 2 of the wizard:

HackerProof Trust Mark Installation Code