HackerGuardian is a fully configurable vulnerability assessment and reporting service for networks and web servers. Our remote audits run over 28,000 individual security tests on your organization's servers then provide expert advice to help you fix any vulnerabilities. Because Comodo is PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), our 'HackerGuardian Scan Control Center' range provides everything a merchant needs to become compliant with the PCI vulnerability scanning guidelines. Comodo also offers two other scanning services - 'HackerProof and 'SiteInspector'. 'HackerProof' is the daily vulnerability scanning and certification service that builds consumer trust into your website. 'Site Inspector' connects to your website from a customer's point of view to determine whether or not your website contains malicious content that could harm your customer's machines.

HackerGuardian also offers a web-based Internal Scanning feature to run vulnerability scans on the individual devices connected to your network and protected by a firewall or other network security devices.

  • Free PCI Scan is valid for 90 days and allows merchants to achieve PCI scan compliancy free of charge.
  • PCI Scan Compliancy Service on-demand security auditing service. Allows merchants to meet the quarterly scan requirements of the PCI regulations. Produces compliance reports that can be submitted to acquiring banks.
  • PCI Scan Compliancy Service Enterprise PCI Scan Compliancy Service Enterprise as above but allows 100 PCI scans per quarter on up to 20 IP addresses and includes advanced reporting and configuration options.
  • Site Inspector Scanning the next dimension of website security scanning. SiteInspector acts as a vulnerable customer, visits your website, and views all pages. It then determines if your webcontent is malicious and reports the suspect to the website owner.

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliancy Service

The PCI Scan Compliancy Service is an on-demand, vulnerability assessment scanning solution to enable merchants and service providers to achieve PCI scan compliance. After each scan, users receive a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing any security issues alongside remediation advice and advisories to help fix them.

Following a successful scan (no vulnerabilities with a CVSS base score greater than 4.0), merchants are provided with an official PCI Compliance report that can be sent to an acquiring bank.
The Standard version enables merchants to run 10 PCI scans per quarter on up to 5 IP addresses using the full complement of over 24,000 individual vulnerability tests. The Enterprise version is a more powerful and flexible service which provides unlimited scans per quarter on 20 IP addresses.

The IP ranges that HackerGuardian scans originate from are: (which translates as through and (which translates as through

Free Vulnerability Scan

Available to website owners, network operators and home users free of charge, the service enables users to run HackerGuardian PCI scans to identify potential security threats. The free service is limited to 5 scans over 3 IP addresses and is non user customizable.