HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition

PCI scan compliance is painless with HackerGuardian thanks to easy management and a scalable scanning engine that grows with your company. The PCI Scanning enterprise addition allows unlimited scanning on 20 IP addresses externally and internally.

PCI Scan Compliance

PCI Scan Compliance Enterprise

Only $399.00 a year for bulk PCI scanning

  • Gain PCI scan compliance with network and server vulnerability scanning by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor
  • Get 'Ready-to-submit' PCI compliance reports to send to your acquiring bank
  • Schedule unlimited scans on up to 20 external or internal IP addresses
  • Additional IP Address Pack allows you to run unlimited scans over an additional number of external and internal IP addresses.
  • Detailed reports identify security holes exposed by HackerGuardian's 30,000+ tests and contain actionable fix recommendations
  • PCI 'self assessment' questionnaire available via online wizard
  • Now includes internal vulnerability scanning in the cloud using patent-pending technology
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Why do I need PCI Scan Compliance Enterprise?:

Choose HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliance Enterprise if:

  • You are a large merchant, Web-host or Payment Gateways that require PCI Compliance on multiple servers and server types in large, distributed networks
  • You need automatically generated and 'ready-to-go' PCI scan compliance reports for multiple servers and server types that can be immediately submitted to your acquiring bank
  • You need the flexibility and power to schedule unlimited vulnerability audits per quarter using the full complement of over 30,000+ individual vulnerability tests
  • You need comprehensive post scan reporting including trend analysis and executive summaries alongside precise, actionable threat mitigation advice?

Why HackerGuardian for your PCI scan compliance?

The product contains all the functionality of the regular with several enhancements designed to specifically cater to larger networks, including:

  • Gain PCI compliance on 20 IP addresses per quarter
  • Schedule unlimited on-demand scans per quarter
  • Full access and control over the entire suite of over 30,000+ vulnerability tests
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
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