Free PCI Scan PCI Scan Compliance PCI Scan Compliance
Price P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A
On Demand scanning Yes Yes Yes
Max number of on-demand scans per quarter 5 10 100
Scans performed by MasterCard approved ASV Yes Yes Yes
PCI scan compliance report Yes Yes Yes
Free PCI questionnaire for submitting to acquiring bank Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Scan Facility No Yes Yes
Post Scan Audit Reports Yes Yes Yes
Merge and Compare Audit Reports No No Yes
Reports include vulnerability mitigation advice No Yes Yes
Max number of Ips that scan be scanned 3 5 20
Number of concurrent IP scans 3 3 3
Secure web based reports and management Yes Yes Yes
Executive Summary Reports No No Yes
Number of vulnerability tests/plugins Selection targeted to meet PCI guidelines Full Complement (over 14,000) Full Complement (over 14,000)
Retest only on discovered vulnerabilities No Yes Yes
Vulnerability tests updated on regular basis Yes Yes Yes
Test IP ranges No Yes Yes
Test all 65,535 IP ports Targeted scan of 15,000 most commonly used ports Targeted scan of 15,000 most commonly used ports Yes
Customize scans by:      
Individual Vulnerability Test No No Yes
Vulnerability test family No No Yes
Over 60 user configurable parameters No Yes Yes
Most suitable for: (needs work) Merchants needing basic PCI Compliance; Home users; DSL and Cable modem users; Firewall port testing; Fast and easy identification of security holes Merchants needing PCI compliance; Network Administrators requiring daily auditing Banking, insurance and other financial websites; Payment service providers; Corporate networks; Enterprises; Distributed I.T. infrastructures of all sizes; Network administrators; Health, Financial and Governmental organizations