This section contains all false positive issues, that you submitted when reviewing the results of some scan.

A false positive exists when HackerGuardian incorrectly detects a Security Hole (vulnerability with a CVSS base score greater than 4.0) or if compensating controls exist elsewhere in the network's security infrastructure to offset or nullify the vulnerability.

Administrators have the ability to submit suspected false positives to Comodo from with the security advisory itself.

Reporting False Positives

Section Specific Controls - 'False Positives'
Menu Element Description
ID Displays the individual false positive number.
Date Displays the date and time in which the administrator submitted the false positive report.
Host Displays the host on which this false positive was detected.
Notes Displays the notes that was entered by administrator when submitting the false positive report.
Status Displays the status of detected false positive.
Accept/Reject Reason Displays the feedback from Comodo support team after reviewing of the information.